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How to make money without working?

Wouldn't it be wonderful to earn enough money to never work again?
It is possible!

Besides, everyone dreams about earning enough to live on and enjoy the pleasures of life without ever working again. You'd have all the time in the world to do what you want.

Below are some tips to help you achieve your dreams.

1) Internet writing for websites

This is a way that will never cost you anything. But it requires a lot of work and the chances of earning enough with this method are never guaranteed on a monthly basis and it isn't likely. To be honest, most would give up not understanding why they're not earning anything or rather, why they're earning so little for their writing.

What people have to remember is that you get paid fractions of a cent on these websites for each page view your articles receive, due to the Google advertisements placed on them. Writing to more profitable topics will earn you more per view than writing to creative writing sections would. People also can't expect to generate a lot of revenue with just one or two articles either. You need to have a good-sized volume, full of quality work in your portfolio. Preferably on topics people want to read about. So, we're talking about having hundreds of articles in your portfolio here to have a sizable income. Perhaps even in the thousands. It is hard to give a number really because people will always do different amounts of promotion and have different portfolios. The wonder of these sites though is that as long as you are active (you don't need to do much to be considered active), you'll still be earning on these articles for fifty years as long as the website is still in business. Basically, as long as you live.

2) Interest rates:

Earning money via interest rates is an option but not too attractive. To earn anything substantial you need a lot of money in the first place. The current rates are around 3-5% of whatever you have in your bank account by the time the interest is paid to you, depending on where you are in the world and what bank you are with. The interest rates do vary wildly though so in some places, it could be more or less than the figures I gave. Also, some types of accounts pay more on interest than others do.

If you had a million dollars for instance and earned 5% interest on it, it would give you $50,000 a year.

3) Paid to click ads online:

This is another option but again, it is unlikely it will prove to be fruitful enough for you to not work anymore. In fact, it most likely won't even be remotely close to earning you the desired amount.

4) Stock market:

This is ideal but it requires shrewd manipulating of the stock markets, plus you will need a fair bit of money to make a sizable income shortly after committing to this route. Normally, this route gives investors a slow build up of income. However, there are tales out there of people earning a lot in a short space of time with little money.

They are rare though. Those people must either be very lucky, have a good mind for business and can predict when stocks will rise or fall. So if you're not suited to this, it's best to start small or give it a miss.

Overall, it is known to take average investors ages to break even and they have to be lucky to do that.

4) Sell used items:

This is an interesting route, but requires a lot of old stuff that you can sell. By undercutting others slightly, you should be able to generate some nice earnings.

Selling very old items is very productive though. People sometimes buy the oddest things online from Ebay and other such websites for large amounts.

5) Buy low, sell for profit:

This is a nice method, especially if you have an account on Ebay or another such website. Go around stores and look for any cheap items that you might be able to sell online for profit after you've bought them. It also helps if you know about what you're buying so that you can forge out a niche for yourself in the online selling business and perhaps promote the items you're selling better. This will in turn give your products more chance of being sold for a higher price. The chances of selling will also be higher.

7) Investing:

This is another way, but make sure you trust the business you invest in to make you money. Of course, a fair bit of money will be required to even begin investing. The amount needed will depend on the company you're thinking of investing in, but less money will be required most likely if you know a friend who has a business.

The best bet is to choose whichever method you feel more comfortable with. But if you don't have much money, then I'd go with writing online and investing in premium bonds. Of course, letting interest accumulate is also a great route but you won't earn much to live without working if you don't have much money to begin with. They are the safe bets in other words.


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