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Outsouced accounting and bookkeeping

Are you one of those many business owners who have outsourced accounting?

Well if you are not then you must be questioning what the whole process is about and why everyone is talking about it. You have to know about the process because it has so many benefits out of it.

Outsourcing is a long term contracting of a company’s business gives to an outside service provider, helping to raise shareholder value by eliminating the costs of non-core functions. This allows the company to focus on the best activity of their core business and it saves a lot of money.

Outsourcing the accounting is a business strategy. You do not have to build back office accounting function with all the technological advances because it is expensive and time consuming. Resources are distracted that could be better used to practice tactical and strategic objectives designed at improving productivity and value.

Outsourcing your accounting is the best idea for your business if any of the following applies to your present situation:

- You do not have enough time growing or running your business because you have to spend so much time managing your books.

- You feel uncomfortable with your accounting because you do not really know how to carry out some of it.

- You cannot afford a professional grade accounting or do not have the need for a full time accountant or accounting department.

- You only have a basic knowledge of financial reports, so that you stay updated about your company on an “at-a-glance” basis.

- You are not scared to ask questions when you notice things on financial statements that you do not know.

- You want the flexibility to check your accounts whenever you like, combined with the calmness that your books are being maintained by professionals.

If you believe that the whole process of outsourcing the accounting work will help your business, you must go ahead and implement this. Globally outsourcing is growing in rapid strides because there are a lot of benefits associated with the process. The best part about outsourcing accounting is that you will not have to make any new financial deal and yet you will get very good benefits out of this.

In order to get DCAA compliance and succeed any government contracts, your business must have documented policies and procedures that are accurately followed to the letter. Convinced accounting and billing properties, a system that charges labor for hourly time and specially-trained employees are also necessary.

The dcaa bookkeeping is the starting point for DCAA compliant cost pools. The dcaa quickbooks accounts are used in defining cost pools. A cost pool is known by hierarchy of accounts in the chart of accounts with each cost pool having one top-level account and one or more business accounts.

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PAUL said...

Wow! You've laid out what makes our business run more eloquently and matter-of-fact than I ever could. Our company, VBP Outsourcing, provides DCAA accounting services, and as you can tell by our name, companies outsource to us for this service. I think the author's last point was that CEO's can feel the "calmness" knowing that their books are being seen after by professionals. When I talk to our clients, they almost uniformly tell me that the thing they enjoy the most about our work was how much less stressed out they are. They all tried to do their books on their own at first, which is daunting for the average person even WITHOUT having to be DCAA compliant in your practices. I think that this piece of mind, coupled with the huge savings from Oursourcing the work, are the important points that someone who might be considering outsourcing should consider. To learn more about outsourcing your DCAA needs, please visit our own blog at

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