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Steps to Go From Broke to Millionaire in Less Than One Year (From Upcoming Reality TV Show)

People usually dismiss this headline as being sensationalistic and unrealistic. But did you know that to go from 0.01 to over one million dollars in less than 30 days is not only possible but actually a mathematical certainty? I thought you wouldn't believe me so I brought along a chart to prove it to you.

$ 0.01

$ 0.02

$ 0.04

$ 0.08

$ 0.16

$ 0.32

$ 0.64

$ 1.28

$ 2.56

$ 5.12

$ 10.24

$ 20.48

$ 40.96

$ 81.92

$ 163.84

$ 327.64

$ 655.36

$ 1,310.72

$ 2,621.44

$ 5,242.88

$ 10,485.76

$ 20,971.52

$ 41,943.04

$ 83,886.08

$ 167,772.16

$ 335,544.32

$ 671,088.64

$ 1,342,177.28

My jaw almost fell to the floor when I realized this for the first time almost six years ago. If you count the amount of dollar signs you will end up with only 28. Each figure is the double of the preceding figure. In other words if you had the means to start doubling a penny and the subsequent results for 28 days straight, you would end up with the amount at the bottom of this money pyramid, as incredible as it may seem.

Now, most people when they see the irrefutable evidence staring them in the face, do the next logical thing, they start looking for the figures that are impossible to double in little time. For some it is going from twenty to forty thousand, to others it is going from 167 to 335 thousand but for some it is as little as going from $655.36 to $1,310.72. But do you realize that higher figures are actually easier to double than small ones? Think about it, I mean what kind of investment allows you to successfully make 0.01 turn to 0.02? If you have $1,000.00 it is much more feasible to find an investment that will enable you to double that amount and it can be done very quickly if you have all the resources lined up before you start doubling. And this is where the article begins. Since our time is limited I will be very general about some of those resources so follow me closely.

Know on what level of money you are: Are you counting pennies or handling singles and two digit figures? Or maybe you're in the hundreds or thousands category? Or you could you be graduating into the tens or hundreds of thousands. If you are already in the Million-dollar level and you arrived there the right way, then there are many, many lessons you obtained along the journey. You see, in order to honestly and dutifully acquire a million dollar network you must first become a millionaire. A millionaire in the way you talk and also in the way you walk. Really all you need to change your financial status is to change your mental status. Once this is accomplished, you will be able to talk the talk and walk the walk almost immediately, and as you recognize and realize what you were meant to be and do, you will develop a passionate and proactive approach to life and replace the passive reactive one, that have governed you in the pass. It takes less than one year, starting today, for you to live the life of your dreams, but you need to believe it and never let go, more importantly, you need to start now, not just today but now.
Make Smart Fast-Growing Investments: Things move with a different speed than they did 50, 20 or even 10 years ago. This new reality works in your favor, when it comes to becoming a millionaire in just a few months, because the population in general and even businesses expect fast results, therefore, they create a collective consciousness to produce fast results, as well. Take advantage of everything around you such as: online auctioning, direct marketing through the web, even the bad real estate market offers great opportunity for people with their eyes open for money-making opportunities.
Find Innovative ways to combine fast-growing investments: Once you are clear on what level of money you are, you can focus on doubling the consecutive amounts everyday or every so many days, however you arrange it. Make sure you take the time to experience the feeling of actually making those pennies double consistently, especially when your money goes from one level to the next. When you reach the sixth level (hundreds of thousands) you can always choose to divide the amount into tens of thousands or even thousands to make it easier. For instance you could divide $167,772.16 into 5 amounts of $32,554.44 or into 10 amounts of $16,777.22 or even into 20 amounts of $8,388.61.
Create New Investment Alternatives: Look around for creative ideas and put yourself in an innovation mode. You will be surprised at how quickly you can come up with an original idea of your own. Once you have an original idea there are certain elements you need to consider in order for it to fly the way you want it to. Begin by making a lasting impression. Then promote your creative idea vigorously. This can be achieved, depending on what you are doing, by offering coupons or free samples and then finding the right prospects at the right place. Also always surround your product or service with momentum and grandeur, in other words, always stay close to wherever the action is taking place. Remember to keep your eyes open and roaming for opportunities to pop up at any given moment.
Design your master plan: There are certain key parts in the design of your master plan. First you need to determine what the task is, in other words what exactly you expect to accomplish. It may sound simple but at times the single most difficult thing for people to do is establish exactly what they want. After this is determined, you need to break it down into individual important pieces of the big puzzle, and enumerate them. Then, you attach a time-frame to each piece of the puzzle that needs to be accomplished. Set a realistic deadline to finish your project, commit to your master plan, and carry it out unwaveringly.
Apply the Success Formula: It maybe true that there is no such thing as a success "magic" formula but this does not mean the success formula does not exist; it does. And it's a mathematical formula too. It begins with a vision enhanced by faith plus action (Vf + A). To that result you subtract pessimism and then multiply it by determination (perseverance) all of these elements are once more enhanced by enthusiasm (passion, positive attitude) and finally that result is divided into every opportunity that comes your way. It looks roughly like this in a scientific format: (Vf + A - P x D)e/O = Success
Use your most valuable external resource: None of us is an island. We need people to be able to function and also to really enjoy the fruits of our labor. Networking is one of the most powerful and valuable tools to accomplish your goals in a timely and effective manner. Indeed people are your most important external resource. They are your eyes and ears and even body when you cannot be everywhere you need to be. The more widespread your network, the more powerful you become. This is what James Surowieck said about his latest book The Wisdom of Crowds On ABC's 20/20: "Even though no one person in the crowd knows everything, if the crowd is big enough and diverse enough, you just have access to so much more knowledge than you do if you asked an expert or even a small team of experts. On the show Millionaire the experts get the answer right, about 2/3 of the time, but the audience is right about 91% of the time."

People from all walks of life, amongst extremely difficult circumstances have amassed great fortunes in relatively little time, and they did not always do it in times like these, when we have great tools like youtube, myspace, ebay, or the web on a whole that make the process a lot faster. Also they did not always make it because they had the right connections or got a lucky break. But almost all of them at some point decided to stop and take some time to think of what they were up against, what they had to do in order to get where they wanted, and finally made the choice to start doing the first thing they could do that day. For you, that day is today.

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