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Make Money With Hair Extensions

Bring hair extensions to those people that want longer and/or thicker hair but cannot or do not want to go to the salon to get it done. You can provide this service in their homes, or where they work, - wherever they choose. You could charge $30 to $50 per customer, which does not include the cost of the extensions. If you enjoy working with hair and are an expert at attaching hair extensions this could be the 'business idea' for you.

People are so busy now; they would love to have you come to them with this type of service. They would happily be willing to pay the extra fee for you to come and provide your services. Most professional people know that their appearance is vital for their success in the business world so they are willing to pay the extra for services brought to them, especially if you can offer your services where they work.

You will need to have a reliable vehicle that you can carry all of your needed supplies in. Not only will you need your hair extensions in various colors and lengths but also all of your needed supplies to work with hair and attach the extensions firmly. Don't forget gowns and mirrors for your customers also. It is a good idea to have a camera also, so that you can use the pictures of 'before and after' the extensions have been attached. This will also work well for reference purposes for you and help you in case someone decides not to pay you. You will have proof of the work you did for them just in case you need to take them to court.

Of course, you will need to be very organized also, make sure that you have an appointment book and give yourself plenty of time to arrive at each appointment. It is a bad business practice to be late for your appointments. Make sure that your customers know that you are on a very strict schedule also, so that they don't make you wait for them. If they do make you wait, they will still have only the allotted time set aside for their appointment. Make sure that you make this perfectly clear to them when they book appointments with you.

The nice thing about this type of service is that once their hair does grow out they will need you to return and re-attach their extensions or remove them. Therefore, you are guaranteed additional appointments. You should also carry a few different books that show the various hairstyles that you can offer them, just in case they are ready for something new or different.

To advertise this service you could leave flyers at various companies that are close to you or with-in an acceptable traveling distance. Your main customer base will be people that are willing to pay for your services. You could target business people, retirement communities, and professionals.

Because you will be traveling a lot, make sure that you keep meticulous records of all of your mileage, gas expenses, car repairs, insurance, registration, and car payments. You may be able to deduct much of these expenses from your business taxes at the end of the year, as long as you keep very accurate records.

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