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How to Submit Multiple VIDEO Sites For SEO Traffic - Video Web Distribution Technology 1st PR

If you are not up loading videos or audio to youtube like distribution technology to get your message out, you should be! It is a great way to get not only your company message out to potentially thousands of customers about your business, not to mention a great way to increase page rank, back links, and traffic to your site immediately using video & audio hosting companies to deliver your content.

You do not pay for bandwidth usage or hosting the content on your servers. You will get top page rank url links back to your site that improves your brand, increases page ranking quickly and generate web site traffic to your business website, service or product.

Check this out: Here is proof how the video distribution technology, using one video title as a test; type in "Lights in the Sky Series " into your google or yahoo search engine, if you like add Space or Travel to the name and it will increase the number of potential key word searches. You will see 1st page ranking for the program using multiple keywords in the title and sub titles even with out the additional words.

This title received a great response from the Video simple test. Testing the SEO keywords, will get improve results over time, this test was incredible. This video was up loaded to over 30 video sites & audio podcasting sites using video distribution technology that will distribute the content to multiple sites with the click of a mouse. (program uploaded on May 6th, 2008). The same results have been the same for all programs using video distribution technology and feel very confident it will for your as well.

Keep this in mind, all of the posted video sites will link back to your sites in several different ways using SEO search engine key words creating traffic, links back to you with results in a couple of days if not with in hours of uploading. FYI-Do not forget to add your web site address to the video for individuals to view while watching the program.

Every search engine around the world is looking for more video or audio content to distribute they need you as much as you need them. Do you self a favor! Jump start your business using SEO video & audio.

Below are a couple of ways how to get started if you are on a budget, it will only cost you your time. The results should improve page ranking & get your site indexed quickly if it is not already.

Try the following:

1. Upload your video to multiple sites like Google, Yahoo, & AOL yourself if you want to keep your cost down to begin with to get you started. Be sure to add SEO key words in your title and subtitles, add SEO keywords when call for on each hosting site.

2. Search for other video hosting companies to submit your video or audio too until you get the results you are looking for. There are over 60 possibilities and the list is growing.

3. Search for companies that provide podcast distribution and up load the audio sound track of the video. Be sure to add you web site url to the audio sound track.

4. Pay to have your video or audio submitted to multiple sites for you. I recommend the first 3 steps first to understand the process. It is exciting to see the results of your efforts.

Testing various distribution & keyword methods you may consider uploading 1 small video or audio file for FREE in exchange for your testimonial. I will continue submitting new articles on Video Distribution Technology... Stay tune for more

If you like assistance with video or audio content distribution to multiple sites quickly. Search on line for companies or email me with your ideas, needs or suggestions for assistance.

Have a Terrific Day,

Wm Cole Smith
Phone 949 872 1965


Here is another test for you, type in wm cole smith into the search engine, this will give you another example of how powerful video can be to index your site quickly. It lists my personal site, and several links back to my site. I just started building this personal site the last week of April 08 as a test model to see how quickly I would get indexed. Amazing!

Once I am completely satisfied with the above results on how to get the best results I will be adding a new ebook to my ELOC Internet Marketing Solutions Series. A step by step Audio & Video distribution ebook guide to share with you tips, techniques and technologies that will save you time and money delivering content over the web.

19+ year's business & creative experience producing over 75 award winning audio & video documentaries, ebooks, over 500 e-learning courses, internet software tools for a variety of niche markets through out the United States & Europe. I have managed, built and maintained multiple revenue generating websites for the education and e-learning industry.

Subscribe to my "Keep it Simple" Digital E Books, news letter & Internet e-book up dates by visiting - Digital Video Ebooks

Utilize my experience, web based internet knowledge to get you started - I have written several "Keep it Simple" E-books that will help you void the daunting task of trying to figure out all of the web technologies and tools.

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