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Bake a Cake and Profit?

When you are about to bake a cake you have never made before, what do you do?

Look through a book for a recipe that looks yummy. Then if you like the name and picture you look
into what ingredients are needed for the cake. Once you know what you need then you check to see if you have the ingredients in the pantry and fridge. If you don't you make a shopping list and then pick up the ingredients when you go to the grocery store and if you can't find the ingredients anywhere you move on to another recipe.

When you have everything you begin to make the cake. Add a little sugar, water, flour, cocoa and so on until you have your cake pan full of batter.

What have you been doing up to this point?

You have been preparing the cake to be baked.

What would happen if you missed a couple of ingredients?

What if you put the cake into the oven for too much time or too little time?

Disaster could ensue.

Now how does making a cake have anything to do with profit that is making money on the Internet?

It really is quite simple. If you don't prepare getting the proper recipe, ingredients, method of mixing the ingredients and baking time you won't have success in making money on the Internet.

First find a (recipe) product you are excited about.
Research (check the ingredients) to see if the product you are going to sell / promote will have appeal.
Promotion / Advertising / Marketing / Articles etc. (mixing the ingredients) to prepare for a sale.
Create a Landing Page (pouring the mix into the cake pan) that will entice the customer to purchase.
A way to receive payment and a delivery method for your product. (Baking the cake at the proper temperature.)
Finally receiving payment and delivering the product. (Taking the cake from the oven. Decorating the cake and then the enjoyment of eating the cake.)

Yes once you receive payment and the product is delivered along with very low returns you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. A smile will be on your face from ear to ear because you enjoyed the Cake / Profits from the hard work you had done.

So preparation, research, fun and execution of your marketing plans all culminate into one great hurrah.

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