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Sell More on eBay - One Free Method to Increase Your Sales and Save on eBay Fees

As eBay sellers, we're always looking for ways to increase our bids and sales.

Good keywords in our titles
Clear pictures
Sparkling descriptions
Low starting bid with a reserve price vs. higher starting bid

The search never ends. Most sellers will go so far as to use eBay's tools to spice up their listing at a higher cost. But, that's not really necessary.

It's true, a good looking auction listing, complete with graphics and borders and different fonts, can increase the perceived value of the item up for auction. But, you don't need to pay more in eBay fees to get it.

All you need is a little bit of HTML knowledge, a place to host some web graphics, and a free template.

HTML Knowledge
I know this sounds scary to some, but the small amount of HTML you'd need to know can be learned in less than an hour. And, if you conduct a search on Google for "free HTML course," you'll get scads of sites that contain the info you need.

By using your own HTML code, you can add as many pictures to your listing as you want without being charged any extra by eBay.

A Web Host
Again, don't be frightened. A web host is simply a source that gives you some space on the internet to store your web pages and graphics, and gives them an address, or URL.

You know how when you want to go to a web page, eBay for instance, and you type in Well, did you know that every picture you see on the web also has an address like that? It would be in the format of, or something similar depending on the name of the graphic.

There are plenty of free web hosts out there to choose from. Again, go to Google and type in "free web host." You'll get plenty of options.

Free Site Templates
To make your listing look nice and professional, you'll need to use your newly acquired HTML skills to basically build a web page. Then, when you go into eBay to create a listing, you'd choose the HTML tab under "Description" and paste the HTML code in.

The fortunate part about all this is, there are plenty of sites out there offering free web page templates. They've already designed the web page and allow you to download the code for free. Then, using your HTML skills, you simply add your pictures and text describing the item. Copy the code and paste it into your auction description.

In fact, free eBay auction templates are becoming very popular lately. Again, go to Google and conduct a search for "free ebay templates" or "free web site templates" and have a great time looking through them. There are some really cool templates out there.

Using this method will not only make your listings look professional, but they'll be more pleasing to the eye and encourage more bids. And of course, you'll be saving money on eBay fees.

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