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Online Photo Hosting Services - Why Not Make Money With Your Photos

Are you short of money these days? And want to earn a large income? Then you should try making money from the internet. Don't think of the sponsored ads and etc. For which you get pennies and have to wait for a long time. Make your aims bigger. Do some smart work and earn some good money. Go to online photo hosting services. Make use of your pictures that you have taken on a recent tour to some place or the photos that you don't mind sharing with others on the internet.

Are you unaware of the online photo hosting services?

Online photo hosting services provide individuals and organizations to upload photos to a internet website. The photos that are uploded by you would be stored by the photo host on the server. This server allows other people to view those images.

Some of the online photo hosting services are free and some are paid. The free services put certain constraints and conditions on you. Such as limited number of photos uploaded per time, maximum size of the image etc. The paid services provide you more facilities then the free ones and hence flexible working options.

Typically online photo hosting services give us an upload interface. You specify the location/path of an image or photo file on your computer by using the browse button. The file is uploaded to the photo host's server by pressing the submit button. In some cases you are allowed to upload multiple files at once and/or you can upload a ZIP file containing many photos. Some photo hosts allow FTP access, where one can upload single or multiple files in a single session using FTP software or an FTP-capable browser.

After you complete this process, your photo is hosted on the server. This means your photo is available on the internet website. Now people can see it, comment on your work (photography), rate your pictures and buy them online. For which you will be paid. In this way the online photo hosting services give you an opportunity to earn money.

Sometimes restrictions are made on the maximum image size or the maximum space of the image due to limited bandwidth allowed per user. Free photo hosting services allow hotlinking pictures/photos/images. That means you can directly link and embed the images on another website such as MySpace, blogs, forums, message boards, and other websites.

Now what are you waiting for? Go for the online photo hosting services and earn money. In this way you can earn money virtually by doing no work.

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