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How To Build An Internet Business On A Budget

Whether you are just starting out on the internet or you have been in business for awhile, everyone needs to have a budget in order to be successful online today. It's possible to build your internet business on a limited budget and still be successful. Here are eight ways to generate leads for your internet business and make money online without spending a fortune.

1. Write articles

Article marketing is a great way to increase traffic to your web site. It will brand you as a leader in your industry. All you do is write short articles about subjects related to your business or whatever else you are doing online. At the bottom of each of your articles, write a clever signature file that will entice people to click on your link. Be sure and distribute your article to several key directories and watch how much traffic will be driven to your site.

2. Start a blog

Blogs are very popular ways to receive great leads. Search engines just LOVE blogs. Before submitting your articles online, put that content on your blog first. Anything you write should be put on your blog first. This lets the search engine spiders know that you are the originator of that content and you will be ranker higher accordingly. After you have put your content on your blog, then distribute it to the article directories. Be sure to include links leading from your blog to your capture page or to any other website that you are promoting. Have a place to also capture subscribers right on your blog.

3. Visit forums and message boards

Find a community that targets similar people that you are trying to market to. Just join in the conversation. As with article marketing, write a clever signature file that will entice people to click on your link. In each post you make, your signature file will be included. Your signature file will arouse curiosity and people are going to click on it. This is the way to drive targeted traffic to your site. Just try to spend around 30 to 45 minutes each day visiting different communities and giving your input. These communities are also a very good way to learn new things as well.

4. Start a newsletter

By starting a newsletter, you will be offering value to your readers through free content. Write about whatever you have learned so far such as tips, tricks, ideas, etc. pertaining to internet marketing. If you aren't comfortable with writing your own content, you can always hire a guest writer. Put a sign up box on your website and collect subscribers as well as on your blog.

5. Video marketing

Create videos and post them on YouTube, Google, Yahoo, MySpace and other video sites. Just start talking about yourself and how you ended up doing video marketing. Create videos from the content of your articles. Just talk about anything that you believe will add value to others. If others are impressed with your videos, you will receive some amazing traffic to your site.

6. Social networking sites

Create a profile on sites such as MySpace and Facebook. Just tell people about you, who you are and what you are all about without just promoting your business. Have links to your site where people can go if they are curious about what you have to offer. Also offer valuable and interesting content and place that on Squidoo and HubPages. This will help you to continue to make your mark online.

7. Create a free e-course

You can either offer your current subscribers a series of emails on a certain topic or present this to new subscribers in order to entice them into your site. Your e-course can be related to your business or something completely different. Just make sure it is full of valuable content and that you also offer your readers a way to contact you and to learn more about your business.

8. Create an information product

A way to make additional income is to create an information product. It is quite simple these days to create an informational product and it can be up on the web within a short period of time. Make your sales page catchy and attractive.

Just remember, it's possible to build your internet business on a limited budget and still be successful. I hope these tips have been helpful.

Adrienne Smith is an internet marketing consultant and work at home business owner. To read more about her online business opportunity, please visit GRN Success. To read more about how she learned her marketing skills, please visit MLM Online Secrets.

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