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Make Money Online Advertising With Banners

Banner advertising has the potential to earn an individual six-figures a year. The trick is in getting people to click on your banners to make you money, and this is where the real art of internet marketing lies, in generating traffic.

Let's say you have a website, and you placed a banner on their for a company that will pay you a flat rate or commission every time somebody is directed from that banner to their site and purchases something. There is first the question of how to get people to visit your website to notice the banner, and then the issue of getting people to visit your website and click on your banner who would actually be the type of people interested in and capable of buying something. This therefore requires some research, mainly knowing your audience.

Before figuring out how to generate traffic, you need to know who it is you are targeting. Is it rich older women in their mid 40s who stay home alone and drink martinis while sitting on the computer all day? Or is it young teenage girls, or college soccer athletes? Your target audience will determine the content of your website. Figure out the keywords and keyword phrases that your audience would be searching for on major search engines and then write articles centered around those keyword phrases. Note that the more specific you can be with your keyword phrases, the better. The work comes in publishing new work on your site daily. The more content on your site, the greater the chances of your articles and site being listed on Google or Yahoo for a search by your audience.

When your audience is targeted appropriately, then more of the traffic you receive to your site will be relevant. This means that a higher percentage of the people viewing yoursite will be interested in the content and take notice of the banner and click on it. Subsequently, they will be more likely to purchase the products from the banner website because it is marketed towards them.

Probably 1% of the effort will be in deciding on a project/banner to promote, and the other 99% will be the continual effort of marketing your site to the appropriate audience to generate relevant traffic. Check out sites that are successful and making money with banner marketing. Take note of their site layout, the products the are advertising through the banners, and the content of their site. Take note of the correlation among all these aspects and mimic it on your site. The simplest way to establish a successful online campaign is to study the already established and successful sites out there and copy their techniques.

Another way that is easier and faster is to use Google Adwords. Google adwords lets you place banners on it's search engine results. Adwords let you use PPC (pay per click) so you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ads. Using adwords, you can choose the keywords that you want to have your ad listed under, and when people search for those words on the Google search engine, your ad will be placed there, and they will be more likely to click on it because it is relevant to what they are searching for. Visit Google Adwords to learn more about their services. - Top Work-At-Home-Business Opportunities Reviewed

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