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3 Time-Tested Tactics To Create A Cash Explosion On Your Website

Do you have a content website or already have a content website up on the web? Want to make more money out of it? This article will discuss 3 proven ways to explode your profits on your website.

Time-Tested Tactic #1: Selling Advertising For Huge Profits

One of the most popular ways to generate an income with your content website is to sell advertising space to other businesses. You can put up an ad that says "Click Here To Buy This Ad Space" and have it link to your Paypal account. Depending on the traffic your website receives, you can command lower or higher advertising fees. One great way to sell ads is through Adbrite. This site makes selling ads easy on your website.

Time-Tested Tactic #2 - Placing Google Adsense Ads

This is similar to the first tactic, but the only difference is that you can't choose the ads you want to have on your website (although Google will "contextually" target ads for your website's theme) BUT you do get paid for every click your ad receives! This can range from a few cents to a few dollars depending on the content on your website. If your website has keywords like medical terms or financial related terms, then they will often pay well.

Time-Tested Tactic #3 - Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are basically revenue sharing arrangements - you promote a product which you don't own for commission-based sales. This is a great way to get started selling a product on the Internet since you don't have to create the product itself or ship it. All you have to do is promote your affiliate link and when someone buys from it, you get paid a commission.

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