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How to start an online business with no money

How to start an online business with no money
By: david lechner

Internet businesses are as diverse as the people who run them. Some people have loads of money just laying around that they can put into their internet business and do so with great ease. Others have money but are not willing to invest it in an online business that may or may not be successful. And then there are the rest of us who are dirt poor and are looking to starting an online business as a way of making money.
So how is a person like you, with absolutely no money at all, supposed to get a business up and running? Well, it is going to take hard work, but it is very possible. Here are some helpful tips to starting an online business with no money:

• Have a product or service to sell –

Internet businesses are just like any other business in that you need to have a good or service that other people (customers) want and are willing to pay you money for. Make sure that your product meets these criteria. You need to have a product that you believe in. Online businesses are not for the half-hearted. You must be committed to researching and making continual improvements and innovations to your product. If you cannot spend that kind of time with what you are selling, you are not going to have a very long career as an online business owner.

• Make a mini-website –

There are several websites that offer free mini-templates for the creation of a website. Many times these types of websites hope that you will remember them and go back to use them when you have the resources to make a more complex and specific website. Create your website with your customer in mind. You may want to get inspired by other websites in your same field of sales. You do not want to copy others exactly but using similar concepts can give you the right kind of appeal.

• Find a hosting and domain name for your website –

Yes it is true that most site hosts will require you pay a monthly fee for a domain name. However, if you search for them, there are hosts that you can use free of charge. The hosts can do this because they advertise on your site. It’s not an ideal set up, but it does get you online and remember that when you start making money you can always pay to switch to your own site.

• Find your target audience (discussion forums, writing articles) –

Good ways to let people know about your site is through discussion forums. These free forums allow you to speak directly to your target market. Likewise, submitting articles to sites you know your potential buyers frequently read will get the word out that you have something that they are interested in.

• Put profits back into your business –

Congratulations, you are starting to make some money! Now remember to re-invest your profits back into your online business. Get a hosting account, a domain name, software and marketing education. Remember a stagnant business never succeeds.

• Stay informed –

Keep yourself in the loop. Know how the market is changing and change with it. Stay abreast to the newest and latest in your field. Do your homework so that your online business does not become a sad memory of could haves and should haves. After all, you started this business with nothing; you don’t want to fail now that you have accomplished so much.

Is it possible to start an online business with no money? Sure it is! You will have to work hard and do a lot of research, but if you follow the right steps you can start making money before ever having to spend it.

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