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How To Generate Money - Spinning Ideas In Minimum Time And Package Them For Maximum Profit

Now,what is an Idea?

An idea is simply a thought or plan or impression in the mind. Ideas are the beginning of every creative work. Before creation, this whole world and the people in it were just an impression on God’s mind. Everything was sleeping quietly in an idea. This is a fundamental principle of wealth creation.

How then do you come up with money-spinning ideas?

Step 1: Take an Inventory

It all starts with you assessing your resources. What talents, abilities, strengths and tools do you have? Are you good at sales? Do you communicate well with people? Can you write? Do you have a flair for the artistic? Do you have a unique skill or ability that others do not? Do you know how to sell things on eBay and Amazon? Write down all your skills and talents.

Step 2: Brainstorm Money-Making Ideas

Now that you have your list of resources in front of you on a sheet of paper, read over them and start asking yourself: “How can I use these resources to make money?” “How can I bundle these talents, tools or things to create products or services that people want?” “Who needs what I have or know and how could I fulfill their need?” Brainstorm a list of at least ten ideas that have the potential for making money. Take some time if you need it. Carry this list around in your pocket or purse and as you think of ideas, add them to the list.

Step 3: Evaluate Your List

Now that you have the ten or more ideas listed, you’ll want to select the one(s) that fit with your overall mission or theme. By now, you should have created a mission statement for your life. Whatever income streams you decide to implement, make sure they fit with your overall mission. Anytime you develop a new product or service, you should evaluate it against your mission to see if it fits. Sometimes,most entrepreneurs don’t stop to consider this and run off in a direction that feels right without necessarily evaluating it against their mission.

So, as you evaluate your ideas, open your mind a bit to the possibilities. Do try to stick with a theme, but evaluate things against who YOU are, not against what your BUSINESS is today. Your business may change, but who you are at the core – what your mission is – should expand and augment on a central unwavering theme.

Step 4: Keep a Record of All Your Ideas

Keep a log of the ideas you come up with. The timing may be off on some of them. You may not have the resources or connections you need to accomplish them. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t inspired. Their perfect time may be a year or two from now. So keep a log of all your ideas, you’ll find them resurfacing in the exact moment you need them. If you’ve kept a log, it will be that much easier for you to jog your memory.Select one or two ideas and pick the one that is the most logical next step. Which one would be easiest for you to implement? Which one gets you the most excited? Which one feels the best and is most in line with your mission? Start with that one and move forward a step at a time. If there are things missing that you’ll need, start with what you have and trust that what you need will come to you, as you need it.

Now that you have come up with one or two ideas,how do you convert them into money?

1) Sell Your Idea 2) License your Idea 3) Convert Your Idea into a Business 4) Convert Your Idea(s) into an Information Product

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