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You Won't Make Dollars If You Don't use 'Ad'Sense

As the dust settles and the excitement caused by Google's AdSense gives way to
the normal, everyday routines of old, it's time to put some serious thought into
how you can "milk this cash cow" on your own web site.
For the past couple months AdSense has dominated forums, discussions, and
newsletters all over the Internet. I've heard tales of fabulous riches to be made
with AdSense, but up until now I've been admittedly skeptical of placing
someone else's ads on my pages.

Why? In short, I didn't like the idea of losing even a single visitor to another

The key to success with AdSense is to place your ads on pages that receive high
traffic for high demand keywords. The higher the cost-per-click to the
advertiser, the more you will receive per click from your site. It doesn't pay to
target low cost-per-click keywords and place them on pages that don't receive

Instinctively, my mind drifted to horrible images in which my homepage was
buried in little ads promoting other people's services. . .
Then I thought of what's proving to be an excellent idea on my first AdSense
page. By placing my first AdSense link on a page that offers free ebooks related
to marketing, I successfully blended a mix of two major factors for overall

1. Target high traffic pages on your site.
I checked my logs and discovered many of my visitors take advantage of
the free affiliate marketing resources and ebooks offered on my site.

2. If possible place AdSense links on pages that produce little or better yet,
no profit.
By placing AdSense on a free resources page I have drastically reduced
the amount of potential customers lost to other sites. Bingo!

End result? A high traffic page producing a minimal amount of revenue. Sounds
like a perfect opportunity to pick up some extra cash with AdSense.

This is especially rewarding to informational sites that focus their efforts on
delivering powerful affiliate link free content to their visitors. Now they can gain
a return on their services.

By no means is AdSense a perfect program, but, I've yet to stumble across a
program that didn't have room for improvement in one category or another. My
main gripe concerning AdSense is the inability to determine the profitability of a
chosen keyword. competitive, high demand keywords will undoubtedly generate
larger commissions, but the exact number is withheld by the big 'G'.

Google promises to update AdSense frequently, tweaking and polishing in order
to maintain their 'squeaky-clean' image. Who knows, maybe some day we'll see
AdSense add a 2nd tier? Can you imagine the smiles on the faces of webmasters
around the world as they sign sub-affiliates and double, triple, quadruple etc...
the amount they earn from AdSense!

One particularly handy feature available with AdSense is the ability to filter out
up to 200 urls. This gives you the option of 'blocking' spammy low value offers
from your pages as well as competitors to your site.

The possibilities are limitless, yet looming on the edge of my consciousness is
the fear that one day someone will find a way to exploit this 'golden goose' and
force Google to crack down (much like the pay-per-click affiliate programs of
old.). For now they enforce a strict anti-spamming policy, anyone found to be
spamming their own links or abusing AdSense by other means will find their
AdSense privileges terminated. My advice is quite simple...

Hop on the AdSense bandwagon while you can at:

About The Author A complete explanation of how you can make money with
AdSense can be found at:

Adam Buhler is the author of the Internet Marketing newsletter Affiliate Secrets.
He is offering a free trial copy of what's being called the BIBLE of selling on
the net, "Make Your Site SELL!" for a limited time to anyone who subscribes at: This article may be reprinted for use
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