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Free Forex Demo Account - 6 Popular Online Forex Demo Accounts Brokers

Making decision in seleting a good forex broker can be tricky. The requirements they need to fulfill are financial stability, experience in the business and they must offer reasonable spreads and good customer service.

Listed below are a few online forex brokers that fulfill those requirements. In addition, they all offer free forex demo accounts for interested parties.

Fxcm is probably the most recognizable online forex broker in the world. A micro account can be opened with just $25. A great place for beginners to trade with a assortment of free tools seminars and online courses. They also have the lowest spreads on a micro account anywhere on the internet. They offer two trading software for clients, metatrader 4 and FX Trading station II. Their free forex demo account is only available on their FX Trading Station II platform.

Easy Forex
Easy Forex is another good broker that gives customers exceedingly good spreads. They have been active in the business ever since 1999. Support for main global languages are offered as well as amazing base currencies from 12 different currencies. Their trading platform is web based. As such, their free forex demo account is based on this with no downloads and installing necessary.

Forexyard Is a rather well known broker that has been in business since 2006. They are a niche forex broker with strong emphasis on providing excellent customer service to their clients. They also offer three main types of forex automated accounts along with free forex demo accounts on FX Trader, a java based platform and the much loved Metatrader 4.

eToro is a very fascinating in addition to unique forex broker. Their trading platforms are modeled after computer games rather than typical forex trading software. Some of their game like platorms include a marathon between currencies and even a tug of war. They also have weekly challenges on their free forex demo accounts. Participants can win real cash prizes with their demo money.

CKfx is a introducing forex broker for Forexyard. Overall they seem to be alright with reasonable spreads across all their currency pairs. They also have the most impressive promotion on the market, allowing customers to transfer demo profits to their real accounts. Their current promotion is impressive with the ability to transfer profits from their free forex demo account to live accounts.


Avafx also has some especially stellar promotions running. On their smallest accounts (Silver), they top up the account with $100 of their own money once the $300 minimum requirement is fulfilled. In short, all new customers get $100 free on their silver accounts. Avafx started business in 2006 and have been a solid player thus far. Their trading platform is the Ava Trader and is available for download upon filling up their free forex demo account form.

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