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Money saving tips for Christmas

Here are a few money saving tips for Christmas:

1. Make your children priority this Christmas. If you have children make sure you spare no expense to make them happy this Christmas especially the younger ones. They don't understand what credit crunch means, they probably think it's a new chocolate product from Hershey's.

2. Make use of you skills and creativity. Whatever skills you possess please make use of it to make Christmas gifts to give out to people. As mentioned above, a lot of people are making use of their knitting skills to save money this Christmas. I also learnt of someone who got her children to make paintings, which she wrapped up and gave away at Christmas.

3. Don't compromise on the Christmas Dinner. The traditional Christmas dinner is probably the high point of the festive seasons. Memories of this occasion usually last till the next Christmas dinner.

Finally, please spend sensibly this Christmas. Avoid buying stuff you really don't need. Endeavor to buy things you could always keep and reuse next year. What usually happens after Christmas is that you find yourself throwing foodstuff that's gone off away in January. I still have two unopened Christmas puddings in my fridge from last year Christmas.


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