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Earn $1000 in a day

To reach your destination at this lofty goal requires building multiple income streams or getting into a professional or other field that has a realistic expectation for that level of earnings potential.

Find a job with $1,000 per day earnings.

The difficulty with this idea is the time line and training required to achieve it. Doctors, lawyers, professional engineers, heads of corporations, and some small business people have this level of earnings potential. However, all of these will stand for years of education or specialized training to be positioned for a shot at $1,000 per day earnings. For the vast majority of people, these ideas either exceed their abilities or their time frames.

Get into sales of big ticket or big commission items.

Real estate agents, insurance agents, car sales person, and others who sell items that can net large commissions have the ability to generate a $1,000 per day earnings frequently. These people may not be paid this amount every day, but many of them can average this amount over the course of a year. This type of sales does not need massive amounts of training and education. The downside is that it does need the proper personality to able to go out and sell. Sales person have to able to deal with rejection on an almost daily basis and bounce back to keep earning commissions.

Build up multiple streams of income that do not need your total attention.

This can be done in a large number of ways. Clearly, it is better if you have 10 sources of income that provide $100 per day than to need 100 sources at $10. However, it may be easier to make 100 that earn $10 than 10 that earn $100 per day. To start an income stream flowing, you have to find a product to sell or service to provide and a way to market and run it without your full time involvement.

Beginning a lawn care business is one way to get started.

Starting a summer yard service offering weeding, lawn mowing, and light landscaping is an easy one. Charge competitive prices and employ several people to do the work. If you can increase to servicing 20 yards per day, try to earn $5 per yard after equipment and personnel expenses. This will make you $100 per day for each day that your crew is on the job. If you have good people and decent equipment, this must run itself after you land the accounts.

You can change this to leaf and snow removal soon in the season and lawn preparation in the spring. You may not continue the $100 per day income in the off season, but you might get closer than you think.
You can make this business as your earnings allow you to acquire additional equipment.

Build up multiple online businesses.

These businesses can only net you the $10 or so per day level until you really understand internet marketing techniques. Unlike the yard business, there is no cause that you cannot have 5, 10, or 20 of these businesses. Online businesses produce income 7 days per week and 24 hours per day. Many people run their online businesses with just several hours each per week. The trick is to position them up with drop shipping or some type of inventory system that does not require you to do it all.

Find a way to earn revenue sharing or residual income.

Online writing is one way to do this. Once information is sent to a web site that pays you for each view of your material, the pennies start to add. With enough articles sent, you can earn $5 to $10 per day from this type of earnings. If you take the time to write ebooks, these can be sold again and again online for decent profits. By working with several sites, you can generate $20 to $100 per day over time. The best thing about this idea is that you can keep your day job to anchor your income until the online work builds up.

Keep working to add income streams.

Try to add at least one new income stream per month. It may take you two or three years to find out the ropes and build up your income, but $1,000 per day is not beyond reach even in tough economic times.


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