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Tips on Wealth Growth

Various ways of growing wealth are available in this generation. The advent of modern state and economy coupled with different breakthroughs in communication technology has not only opened up new opportunities but present them with greater potentials and much easiness for any one ready to take advantage of them

While these opportunities are not entirely new, there are now new various dimensions to earning fortunes through them with much easiness - little or no stress.

The question is what are they?

Landed Property:
For many, returns on landed property are basically limited to the rent/lease income from tenants, while some get good returns in form of appreciation. More than this, rent-out property can still generate substantial incomes through surety for loans.

Many have shares but do not know how to turn them into gold. Shares can be used to earn extra-incomes through surety of loans for others. This is so good as dividends and capital appreciation are still there for your enjoyment.

Asset Management:
Many good stock broking firms offer asset management services. By opening accounts, your investment in stock and some other financial instruments are traded for you and you earn better returns than just holding them.

Mutual Funds:
Though the benefits from mutual funds at times greatly supercede those of shares, many are ignorant or ignoring it. Mutual funds offer steady growth of wealth, good returns through dividends and consistent effortless re-investment opportunities. Moreover, most mutual funds are without any charge or fee.

Money Market:
Treasury bills and treasury certificates are the common instruments usually traded in this market. They offer fixed returns in form of interest with 100% guarantee. It is a very good investment window for those with idle fund in the short-run.

Partnership Arrangement/Small-Scale Business:
Investment in partnership or small-scale businesses can be in form of loans or capital as members. They offer tremendous growth opportunities as interest on such loans are far better than those offer by financial institutions. Also, with time such businesses become big and present someone with good returns in profit sharing and private placement options.

Forex Market:
Though dreadful, there are ways one can grow wealth with ease through this market. One of such is managed account. There are many professional traders who are willing to trade others' accounts. Many will not only guarantee the initial investment but a certain percentage of returns on monthly basis. What a great opportunity for those who are aware and ready to give it a trial.

Affiliate Programmes:
Through these programmes, one continues to earn consistent commissions and receive discounts on personal purchases by marketing the outfits' products. This is quite good a lot considering the extensive marketing link for one's own business on the net and the periodic receipts from the affiliate outfits.

These are some of the ways by which one can readily grow wealth in this our time.

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