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Build Your Own Business Website - How a Website Can Make You Money!

It goes without saying that any modern business needs an online presence and there is a real need for you to build your own website. An easy and profitable means of marketing 24/7 - 52 weeks of the year. We all know that it is important to make a good first impression in person and online. Your first website doesn't have to be anything flash, it simply needs to look clean, professional and work. Get it wrong and the 'back button' awaits. And Remember a great website can make you money.

So what do you need? What are the factors that make a business website a success?

The Only Formula for Success
Whether it is online or offline - business fundamentals come down to these three basic factors:

Leads x conversion x customer value

It doesn't matter what business you are in, master these and you will succeed. If you are in retail, you get more customers through the door, get more of them to buy from your store and get them to spend as much as possible.

If you have a garage - get more inquiries, turn more inquiries into the work you do and maximize the client value through additional services. You could sell products, get a referral or book in an appointment in the future for some routine maintenance.

It really is business 101.

When you build your own business website - It is no different

1. More traffic to your website
2. Higher conversion of your traffic
3. Maximize the value of every visitor

It really is that easy.. If you know how!

How do I get traffic
There a 2 key factors to getting traffic to your website. Both involve the Search Engines. For most people a search engine (usually Google) is the starting point. They type in (roughly) what they want and Google does its best to find it.

So you have to please Google (or whatever the search engine might be). How?

Well first you have to pick the right words that people are looking for. You have to let Google know that your website can answer their question. You are effectively picking very specific "keywords" that your future clients are searching for and letting Google know you can help.

The second component is a little technical. It is called "Search Engine Optimization" and is a combination of putting the right keywords on the page and structuring the layout of your page to suit the Search Engines.

When you build your own business website you are essentially building a site for two people. The search engine and the visitor - with a view to pleasing both.

The Search Engine is happy - How do I make the customer happy?
This is where content is king. It always has been and it always will be. There are plenty of people out there who try to fool search engines and it only works short term. These companies have too many R&D bods working to make sure that people searching for information get it.

Once you have the traffic you have to please it with your relevant content. You have to answer your visitors question (other it's the back button for you). This is usually best done by pre-selling your customers and not selling. You help them, warm them up and position them so that they decide to use your services and get the click that earns you money.

If you can spend a little time and invest in your website, then you can build your own business website that works.

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Good luck!!

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