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World Stock Markets

In this world of global economy it is essential to understand what is happening in the stock markets in other parts of the world. These new financial markets may not impact us in any which way but definitely represent an opportunity to invest your money in those stock markets.

The stock markets of the world are of two types one where the economy is mature and not very thriving for example the stock market on England called the FTSE or the London Stock Exchange and several other countries like the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

These stock markets are very much like the US stock markets and definitely represent some amount of the global economy trade.

Next come the stock markets of the developing economies which are a barometer of how much the economy is thriving in these emerging economies. These stock markets of the world now have more people watching them than earlier because of two reasons,one is to see how the economy is performing and companies all around the world ,see these economies as potential markets to capture. The other set of people are investors who are keenly watching how much returns these markets are giving and are keen to invest in these markets so as to have a diversification of portfolio and have higher returns from these markets.

The emerging economies of the world are called BRIC economies which are Brazil, India,China and Russia. These four economies have the led the global economy march of first decade of the twenty first century.

Let us take an example of Bombay Stock Exchange now known as BSE. BSE represents the Indian stock market and has risen faster than all the stock markets in the world than two . In fact the BSE Sensex ,the index similar to the Dow Jones index has risen so much that people fear that the bubble will burst one day and there will be a havoc in the markets.

World stock markets apart from these four emerging economies have also risen and present ample opportunities to the overseas investors particularly with new breed of fund managers who have come onto the stage and are willing to take more risks in the economies of the countries as opposed to the earlier era where US stock market was what mattered the most.

Amit is keen stock market investor and play by some of the technical stock market basics presented in the technical anlysis of the stock. He has out together some thoughts on the fundamental stock market basics which investors should know.

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