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Stock Investing For Beginners - Top 7 Advantages For the Beginner

Stock investing for beginners can be a little unnerving. If you are totally new to stocks, all the terminology can be confusing. But there are a lot of advantages to stock investing compared to other ways to make additional money.

Here are the top 7 reasons why:

1. You can begin quickly - All you need to get going is to sign up for an online trading account. The process is pretty simple and you can be ready to trade in just a day or two after you deposit your trading funds.

2. You can make small investments early on - As a beginner, you can start slowly while you gain experience. This limits your risk while you give yourself time to learn and build confidence in your ability to make a profit.

3. You can do stock investing part time - If you have a day job, you can do your research and set up your trades in the evenings, on weekends and even sneak in some time during lunch. This is very important to people who want to trade as a way of generating a second income stream in addition to their day job.

4. You trade as much or as little as you want - You are always in control of how fast you invest. You can take extra time to learn new techniques or conduct research. And if something comes up and you don't have any time to devote to your trading, you can sell all your stocks and take a break if you want.

5. Online brokers give you access to very sophisticated tools - You will have more tools and information that you can use than big company stock brokers had ten years ago. This is a huge advantage compared to other ways you can try to make money online where you have to fumble in the dark to find your way.

6. You have access to many kinds of stock experts - For beginners, there are many experts you can use to help you learn or select your stocks. For some, you may have to subscribe to their newsletter or training program, but you'll find this is worth the cost for saving research time or keeping you from making poor investments.

7. You can make big profits - Your time is valuable, so if you are going to spend some of that time to make extra money, you should have a good chance to make big bucks. Stock investing gives you that. And if you focus on penny stocks and small cap issues, while riskier, the profit potential is even larger.

Stock investing for beginners is fun and exciting. But you have to dedicate yourself to learning the right techniques and following the right steps to get started.

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Daniel B. Johnson is vice-president of a wireless communications company based in Dallas. He maintains a successful online trading career on a part-time basis to earn an additional income stream and instructs others how to do the same.

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