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The Number 1 Activity to Making Money Online

You Absolutely Can make money online - take the comment to the bank, it's hands down true, and there are millions of dollars being made online testifying to that fact, and I'll repeat it, You Can Make Money Online!!!!!!!!!

But have you noticed yet, that nothing is for free and that making money online will not be handed to you on a silver platter? Some say they will make you successful online by you doing nothing more than joining their offer, but you've just got to be smart enough to know that it just won't happen quite that way, you will have work to do, albeit not as much work as is involved in a typical a 9-5 job.

So the big question is still, why haven't you and why haven't so many others made money online. Why does it seem that only a certain few are doing it? How have they unlocked the secret?

I'll have you know there are no secrets to unlock. These successful people are making money because they know how to MARKET on the Internet - They know where to advertise and they know what to say. They know what works and they know what doesn't. They know how often to advertise. They have developed a following. And the word is all over the Internet, that they have something valuable to offer.

Now, you know as well as I, that there are other activities that will secure your success to make money online. For Example, a well thought out and written business plan goes a long way to making for your success. And excellent customer services are indispensable. But, and this is a bold but true statement, if you knew nothing more than How To Market your product or service effectively, you would still make money online, no matter the product or service.

How are you going to learn how to market online effectively? Believe me, there is a knack to it, but you can learn, if you know where to find someone who will let go of their vast knowledge of online marketing, and honestly teach you.

That education comes from various sources, but learn how to market you must. There are people who can teach you for a fee. There are others who are associated with an online opportunity that has spectacular multimedia training along with a business opportunity for you to join that will teach you for free. There are those who have suggestions about how and where to market that you get from their back office. There are others who are experienced and have formed a team with telephone call training as well as being available to help whenever you call. Often a team of experts is associated with you joining in the business op they are advertising. Some have an excellent team concept that combines with the business having excellent multimedia training.

With the burning desire to become successful online, my recommendation about which route to take to learn effective Internet Marketing would be; to join an online opportunity that the combination of sponsor and business opportunity offer the following:

1. The sponsor or inviter is available and is clearly interested in getting your questions answered. They may not be able to answer them but can offer resources that can answer the questions easily and honestly

2. The sponsor or inviter has access to a team that provides telephone education, suggestions and support.

3. The business opportunity itself has multimedia training that is complete and comprehensive

Are there other ways to learn how to market? There certainly are and I am not supposing that following my three suggestions is the only way. But I personally like the idea of not having to shoot in the dark and guess at what you are doing. Following these three steps takes research and doesn't guarantee anything, but it does guarantee that you are not leaving your online success to luck.

Richard Crandall is a consultant and mentor and is associated with several Online Marketing opportunities and a supportive mentoring team. He specializes in giving facts and answering questions for an opportunity seeker to make their own decisions on joining a plan

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