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Make Money From Home - Making Money Online

You must have seen numerous examples of bloggers making money online and showing photos of their new cars they bought with online money. Everybody stops for a while and dreams of leaving their day job, making money online.

-Is it possible to make money from home? Yes it is.
-Is it so easy? No it isn't.

The guys you have seen with 6 figure income checks haven't done this in a single day. Those are professionals who take making money online as a business and spending more hours then you would spend in your day job. So if you want to become rich buy making money online then you should considers spending too much effort and time in order to become rich.

If you just consider online business as an extra income to your living you can consider some options to make money from home.

Blogging : Setting up your blog and making money from your blog seems the right way to make money from home but believe me it's not the easy way. Google sorts the pages by several factors; the links to your domain and the age of the domain is most important factors. So; when you set up your new blog you have to get many pages linking to your blog which is not so easy. It will take too much time and effort to take Google to love your page and send you visitors.

Revenue Sharing Article Platforms: Considering the factors I've listed about the Search Engine behaviors it's much more easy to publish your content in an domain already supplying too much content, that has back links and indexed in Google so often. There are some platforms which serve this need. The one that I use is a revenue sharing platform which lets you use your own AdSense id and you get %60 of the impression. (So every 60 visitors out of 100 sees the ads with your AdSense id). This platform will provide you search engine traffic without any effort and you can make money from home without any effort.

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