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Is There Such a Thing As Spiritual Money Making?

I have long been a seeker of a spiritual understanding of life. I suppose my training in the
field of psychology could have only lead to such a path. I wish I could say that my efforts
have lead to me becoming some sort of a spiritual guru, but the truth is that I am still just
an average guy trying to understand and develop a lifestyle guided by spirituality.

I am comfortable in my understanding of the connection between mind and body. My difficulties lay with the connection between mind and spirit. The brain is said to have the ability to adapt
and develop even in old age. It appears that the main problem in human brain deterioration in older people is the result of living a monotonous and routine daily life. Remember the old
adage: "use it or lose it". I wonder if this adage is just as true for our mental connection to
the spirit. No, I do not just wonder, I know that you can lose your connect to the spirit.
Thankfully, we can regain a connection to the spiritual aspect of our being by exercising. The
difference is that spiritual exercises do not require physical exhaustion. We regain our
connection to the spirit by being still and quiet. Though the stillness we experience the
spirit, and through a willingness to accept it guidance we strengthen our acknowledgement of
it's willingness to control our destinies.

Even with the above understanding of such a connection to the spirit, for most of my adult life I did not realize that there could be a spiritual aspect to making money. Being spiritual was one thing, and making money was totally separate and had absolutely nothing to do will
spirituality. Now, I believe that such an attitude has limited my ability to acquire wealth.
In fact, thanks to Joe Vitale's program "Money Beyond Belief" I now understand that most of us are raised with incorrect beliefs about money.

Dr Vitale states: "If you're seeking to improve your level of financial prosperity, it is
essential that you acquire the right information or resources you need. The rich got to where
they are not only because they have the right mindset and attitude, but also because they have certain knowledge and skills that help create money (wealth building)."

"Money Beyond Belief" is a program that eliminates negatives beliefs about money, which will
result in you taking firm control of your spiritual and financial destiny. You will discover
what "taps" are, and how to use them to gain Breathtaking Wealth and Abundance.

There are too many good things I could say about Money Beyond Belief, but it will be much better if you discover them for yourself. You can get more information and get started yourown abundance program by going to:

Herman Wheeler

Recently retired from AT&T as a technician. Began trying to make a go on the internet only a few months ago. Like most newbies, I had no idea what I was getting into. Now that the shock is over, I feel confident that I made the correct choice for an after-retirement profession.

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