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Google Adsense for Mobile - The Ultimate Way to Make Money

Google Adsense is a most popular PPC advertisement program for websites owners to earn revenue from their sites or blogs. Google Adsense Network places Google Advertisements on their sites or bolgs and they earn revenue from them. Google Adsense Network is capable to place ads on sites related to the site contents. When someone clicks on these ads the site owner earn money from these clicks. The program is known as PPC (Pay Per Click). Anyone who owns his own site or blog can join Google Adsense and make handsome revenue.

Now Google launched Adsense program for sites developed for Mobile. According to Google terms for Adsense for Mobile, the site backend (Server side) must be developed in scripting languages like PHP and front-end in under mentioned three languages:

1. WML (Wireless Markup Language) WAP 1.x
2. XHTML (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language) WAP 2.0.
3. CHTML (Compact HTML) imode

Google Adsense for Mobile crawlers is programmed to sense contents of sites developed in above three languages and place ads on sites related to the contents. Just like Adsence for contents crawlers the Adsense for Mobile crawlers also use the same technology and scan contents of mobile webpage and displays ads that are relevant to the interest of mobile webpage visitors. To display targeted ads the crawler needs proper access of mobile webpage.

Many website and bolg owners using Google Adsense for contents and making up to five or six figure monthly income. An average site with quality contents can easily make $3000 to $10000 monthly from Google Adsence. The quality contents are king of the game. Google Adsense for Mobile is ultimate way to make money because this is a new product so there is less competition.

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