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Eight Ways Of Running Your Home Business Into The Ground With The 'Net

The online marketplace is filled to brimming with businesses. Some are large companies; others are small home based businesses. Information and expert advice on how to make your business hum on the Internet and rake in some healthy profits abound on the web, but most everyone who is in business somehow believes she or he is impervious to online failure. This is especially true if the brick and mortar aspect of the business has thus far succeeded. While nothing could be further from the truth, it is hard to make the average entrepreneur see this fact.

To this end, here are eight ways of running your home business into the ground with the 'Net. While you may negate the fact that you need help and more information to take your business online just because someone suggested it to you, the fact that your business may fall into one of these categories may quite possibly spur you on to rethink your decision.

1. Build your own website and follow the MLM concept of vast text. You have no doubt seen the sites that advertise a product more commonly a business opportunity by going on forever about the great business without actually once mentioning what it is or does. These sites are by most considered scams and if you are taking your business online and follow their example, you can be sure that you will not be well received.

2. Rely on email marketing to purchased email lists for your advertising. No matter how careful you are, there will be some unethical email collectors and you may end up spamming a large number of businesses and individuals. At this point, your reputation is shot.

3. Post information about your business on forums and blogs. This, too, is considered spamming and will tarnish your business' reputation.

4. Do not offer samples. If you sell a tangible good, you should offers samples.

5. Skimp on website design. Most commonly done by those who have just enough knowledge to create a pretty site but fail to know how to make it search engine friendly, this will be the kiss of death for your business search engine ranking.

6. Swap links with everyone who asks. Doing so will showcase your site as being a home business. While there is nothing wrong with being a home business, some consumers will not take you serious. Instead, include such links in articles and informative pieces you post on your site.

7. Market to the mainstream rather than focusing on the niche. This is the most commonly made mistake that new online marketers will make. By trying to compete with the big box stores and assorted merchandise outlets, you will fail to find the appeal you need to get started online and stay in business.

8. Last but not least, do not let anyone know about your business. Granted, this may go hand in hand with search engine friendly design, but it goes much further! Find different avenues of marketing and do not just rely on the search engines. There is article marketing, forum marketing, blog marketing, newsletter marketing, and a host of other methods to get out the word.

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