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Would You Buy From You?

Preconceptions exist within all of us. In fact, we will size-up a person that we meet within fifteen seconds. We will review their physical characteristics, voice, stature, level of confidence, capability, knowledge, IQ and many other traits and make pending decisions based upon our conclusions. Some of these evaluations are at a conscious level, however most are at a subconscious level, quietly influencing our subsequent behaviors.

First impressions are that powerful. We usually have just one opportunity to establish ourselves with a new contact. In business, that perceived impression must be exactly what we intend it to be or we may not ever get in the door to sell anything. This knowledge must influence our behaviors, wardrobe, personal hygiene, confidence level, vocal performance and every facet that contributes to our initial impression.

Our first impression, as revealed to others, actually begins within ourselves. People tend to see us as we see ourselves. Let me repeat; others will evaluate us, sizing us up, based upon how we feel about ourselves. We all are constantly transmitting personal data, like a wireless router. People vary in their abilities to intuitively perceive these signals, but we all have this innate ability to some degree. Since we are always being evaluated by others, usually at a subconscious level, we are in a position to influence their perceptions by strengthening our own self image.

Do not confuse this newfound self-awareness with manipulation. Manipulation is negative, a losing strategy, never contributing to any successful relationship. Furthermore, manipulation of others does not alter the quality of our self image. It may even degrade it by introducing guilt. If we are aware of our self-image, we are able to project this though our body language and verbiage. Others will then perceive us as we see ourself. There is no manipulation.

We can learn a great deal about our own self-image by evaluating our internal self-talk. What do you say when you talk to yourself? Are you confident and self-assured? Do you believe that you are successful? Can you picture yourself accomplishing your goals? Do you believe that you effectively relate to others? These are just a few of the questions to ask yourself, realizing that your answers dictate how others will also evaluate you.

Selling yourself on you is the most important sale you can make. Others will buy from you when you feel good about yourself. Realize your great intrinsic value and discover your unique strengths and others will too.

Daniel Sitter, author of both Learning For Profit, and Superior Selling Skills Mastery, has garnered extensive experience in sales, training, marketing and personal development over a successful twenty-five year career.
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