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Work at Home - Sticking With It When The Going Gets Tough

1. Follow Your Plan

(If it's a good one): Hopefully before you began your internet marketing venture, you developed a plan. If you haven’t, then create one. A plan will provide you with a road map to get to your goals. If your plan was well thought out and researched, than follow it. Sometimes, the time required to see a profit will be pocked with down slow times, if it is only for a reasonable time and you had already foreseen it, then continue with your plan.

2. Have a Back Up Plan

Now following your plan has to be measured with a bit of common sense. If you see that your plan is failing miserably, than regroup and create a back up plan. A back up plan maybe finding a day job, trying a different niche, or a different marketing strategy. The point is, you need to have a backup plan in case things just aren’t working out.

3. Have a Source of Supplemental Income

Having a source of supplemental income will help you stick with it when the going gets tough. This is because it allow you to float a little, while you figure things out. Some ideas for supplemental income include farming out your skills (can you perform web design, then do it), writing articles for Associated Content and Constant Content, selling advertising space on your popular blog or website, selling off some of your sites that are receiving a little bit of income or traffic.

4. Adjust Your Plan

Ok your plan isn’t quite working, but it just needs a little bit of change and then you expect to receive results. This is fine, a plan sometimes doesn’t work exactly the way you envisioned it. If you can see where you failed, but have some idea how to fix it, then fix it and go forward.

5. Consider The Positives

When times are tough, consider the positives. Remember your first sale or the time when you really knocked it out the park with a certain campaign. Remembering your success will help you to get through the hard times and inspire you to forge ahead and experience success again.

Figuring out what works online and what does not can be a humbling and frustrating experience. However, it is important to keep working hard and to stick with it if you have a good plan. Remember, plans are fluid, they will often need to be changed. Don’t be afraid to change course, if you have given it a good go, but things just seem not to be working. Also remember the positives, the successes and allow these to inspire you to move ahead and be successful.

Samantha Jane writes articles on several subjects including internet marketing and building your own work at home business. You can see more of Samantha Jane's work at home articles on her website and sign up for a free newsletter at Visit us now: Work at Home

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