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Use This Simple Sales Tip, A Smile, to Increase Sales

Would you like more sales? Then try smiling a lot more and see what happens.

Much has been written about the health benefits of smiling. Research has proven that smiling lowers heart rate and produce less stress related breathing. Other research suggests that smiling improve our immune system, to reducing food cravings to increasing our threshold for pain.

What is interesting to note is that smiling produces the emotion most closely related to it. So, when we smile, we cannot be angry at that moment because research suggests it is physiologically impossible.

So if smiling is good for our health, would it not be good sales tip to increase sales? Sales success in today’s world is truly about establishing solid relationships. In sales training, this is called relationship selling.

When you smile, you show people that you are approachable. Is it not easier to meet people when they come up to you instead of you having to come up to them?

When you smile, you radiate positive emotions. This supports the Law of Attraction. Many others believe that who you are is being broadcast 24/7.

When you smile, you actually use less muscles and therefore less energy. As my Swedish grandmother told me as a young child, it takes less muscles to smile than to frown. Essentially, you are working harder not smarter.

When you smile, you are focused on the positive aspects of life including the goal to increase sales.

When you smile, you are leaving a positive impression even if you don’t talk to someone.

When you smile, you are demonstrating potential empathy which is key element in emotional intelligence.

When you smile, you are making others feel good. Think about when someone smiles at you. How do you feel after seeing that smile?

Simply speaking, smiling is a great sales tip to increase sales.

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