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To Increase Sales Become An Assistant To The Buyer

Sales still slumping along and not where you want them to be? Maybe, you need to change your role?

Years ago, Marcel Proust wrote: "The true voyage of discover is not seeking new landscapes, but seeing with new eyes." How do you view yourself as a salesperson? What would happen if you changed that perspective?

Within a proven and sustainable sales process, your ultimate goal is to make a sale. To do that requires that you build a relationship with the buyer. If you agree with that relationship selling is becoming a moniker within the sales training world, then what do you need to build and nurture this relationship?

Possibly, you are thinking "I knew that already!" (IKTA) so tell me something new? What would happen if you stood next to your buyer instead of standing across from your buyer?

Think of being the assistant to the buyer? When you embrace this role, you are gaining higher levels of commitment through the entire buying selling process. For you are literally helping your prospect buy your products or services. Your behavior demonstrates that their best interests are your best interests. And the outcome is a series of trial closes that seem more like agreement statements than sales statements.

One of the best examples is within the buying/selling process of a new or used vehicle. We all know the sales drill. We speak with the salesperson who is selling cars that leads us to the Finance and Insurance (FI) person and sometimes we even end up with the general manager (GM) or owner. If you are that car sales person, where do you stand during all these exchanges? Across the table from your potential customer or next to the FI person or GM? Do you position yourself next to your prospect?

If you are not seated or standing next to your prospect, then change positions. When your customer views you as being on their side both physically and verbally, you have elevated yourself within their eyes. The result is that another level of trust has been established and solidified.

By changing how your look at your role within the buying/selling process and become more of the assistant to the buyer, will get you far closer to where you want to go in your efforts to increase sales.

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Leanne Hoagland-Smith, M.S. is a speaker and national business coach who has written hundreds of articles with a focus on leveraging human capital for transformational change by developing results driven leadership in people, teams and organizations.

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