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My Power Mall Review - A Free Home Based Business

What is My Power Mall? Is it really free? Will it work? These are the questions most people want answered when they are considering signing up for this new home based business. For the answers to these questions and more, read on.

My Power Mall is an international free home based business. For anyone who has been searching for a home business idea which is really free, this could be just what they want. Judging by the number of searches performed each month for "free" work at home/home business opportunities, this will interest quite a few people.

First of all, is it really free? Yes, I can report that membership of My Power Mall is absolutely free: it is free to sign up and there are no membership "upgrades" to buy before you can earn money with the program. Free members can earn money. You do not have to commit to purchasing a certain volume of products each month. You use the shopping mall to buy only what you want, when you want it.

The advertising for My Power Mall tells us it's "not MLM, not network marketing, not an affiliate program, and simply doesn't fit any standard business model that most people use to achieve financial freedom". Sounds fine so far. Now we know what it isn't, but what is My Power Mall? "My Power Mall is a 9 tier shopping rebate system where every member can achieve significant financial income within the first 3-4 Shopping Tiers, with real wealth coming as it continues to grow".

So much for My Power Mall's advertising, but how does it actually work? It is incredibly simple: you get your own "Personal" Shopping Mall where you earn cash rebates on any items you purchase. In addition, you also have the option to get a "Business" Mall to promote and this is where you send people to sign up to be in your downline. Obviously, if you want to work at this as a home based business, you will get the Business Mall You earn a percentage of the rebate on all purchases made by anybody in your downline. The percentage rates start at 7% on your personal shopping and increases to 14% on tier 2, 29% on tier 3, and 35% on tier 4, so you can see why they talk about "significant financial income within the first 3-4 Shopping Tiers".

As well as giving you your own business mall portal website, My Power Mall gives you a back office which contains all the tools and information you could possibly need to get started on promoting the business. Taking up membership of My Power Mall triggers a series of training emails which you receive daily. Although all the training material can be found in the back office, it is much easier to work through it in the bite-sized chunks offered in the email instead of attempting to wade through it in one sitting (although this is tempting it is never a good idea). With all the training materials and the members' forum, even newbies should be able to work with this program.

Will it work? I would so love to be able to answer that question, but it is impossible because this is a fairly new program and there is nothing else like it to use for comparison. One good sign is that the background of the CEO is impressive, showing over 20 years of relevant experience including ownership of 4 other online businesses. It certainly looks like a program that should work for several reasons: online shopping is becoming increasingly popular, the 1000 plus retail outlets include famous names, the choice is amazing, just about any product you could want is available and the charitable side of the program will add appeal.

The biggest selling point, however, is bound to be that My Power Mall is free and that alone is already attracting members in huge numbers.

Elaine Currie is the owner of the Work At Home Directory at and author of Ezine Article Writing - 10 Steps To Success which is free to download at To learn more about My Power Mall visit

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