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How To Start A Copywriting Services Business And Earn A Six-Figure Income

The easiest way to make great money as a writer is to discover copywriting. Copywriting is essentially just writing for businesses, helping them to win new customers and make sales. If you can write a persuasive letter, you can write copy - and as you build your business, you can make a six-figure income.

Most writers take to copywriting immediately, like the proverbial ducks to water, because you're surrounded by copy every day. Advertising is everywhere you are: on TV, on the radio, in magazines, and of course, all over the Web.

So how do you start a copywriting services business?

Get Your First Copywriting Client

You start your copywriting services business by getting your first client. This is not difficult. Just visit any of the out-sourcing sites, or look on sites like Craigslist. Of course, you can post your own advertisements on Craigslist or on any of the many classified advertising sites online.

Create Some Copywriting Samples To Show People What You Can Do

Before you post your first ad, create some copywriting samples. Many new copywriters stumble when it comes to attracting clients because they feel that they need a large portfolio of past work. However, every copywriter starts somewhere, with ONE client, and builds his career from there. To get your first client, just write some sample copy.

The Rewrite Trick - Turn Trash Into Cash

I recommend what I call "The Rewrite Trick" to my copywriting students.

Here's what you do. Look through a magazine and find an ad. The ad can be minimalist, as many display ads are today, consisting of just a graphic and a few words. Now, you simply rewrite the ad. Assess what the ad's selling, and who the target market is, and write your own version of the ad. Use around 100 to 200 words. Hey presto - you have your first sample for your portfolio.

The Rewrite Trick is a useful exercise to build your copywriting creativity skills, as well as to add to your samples' portfolio. One point: when you're sending your "rewrite" samples to clients, ensure that they're clearly marked as SAMPLES, and note they're created only to show your skills. Your aim is not to misrepresent yourself or your work, merely to display creativity and skill.

So there you have it: you can start your copywriting services business today. Create a couple of samples, post an ad, and you'll have your first client - the first of many for your new business - and the first step toward a six-figure income.

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Angela Booth

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