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Getting Approved by Adsense in a Jiffy…

I don’t understand why everyone makes Adsense out to sound like some kind of devil. So
far, I have a 100% approval rate for my consulting clients. You would think that we
spend months developing the site to submit for approval – but to be honest; I spend less
than a day (if that!)

What we found is that Google is not nearly as picky as they make themselves sound to
be. The trick is to make your site in such a way that you are just providing content; we
have found that the less selling you do on your approval site, the better.
Don’t worry, once you’re approved you can use that code wherever you want – so put it
on other sites that sell later. But for the purposes of getting approved, try to limit to just
content, content and more content!

Now, for the disclaimer before we start talking about how to get your site approved for
Google Adsense. I am not a member of Google at all, everything I am about to say is all
speculation and experience. I have helped over 50 clients get approved for Google
Adsense without having even 1 of them not get approved – we have 100% approval rate
on FIRST try.

All I am going to teach you is exactly what I do for them.

There are three main elements that I focus on when getting a client approved:
1.Site look and feel – Not that Google wants a $10,000 professionally designed website,
but they also don’t want some piece of junk. Make sure to at LEAST have a presentable
website – even if it is just a few tables and a solid background color. Avoid using tacky
backgrounds or unprofessional color contrasts.

2.Content – The most important – Google believes in content. If you try to get a website
with just a few pages approved, I don’t think you will have any luck. You need to have at
least 15-20 pages, preferably, 15-20 pages of articles/resources, a.k.a. content.
3.Traffic – Many “experts” say that Google looks to see what kind of traffic you have and
that they do not approve new sites with no traffic. My experience says that these experts
are FULL of it. BUT, just to be safe, before you submit your site for approval – try to get
your site some traffic.

Here are useful tips you need to make the entire approval process easier and quicker:
>> Get content from article directories like – just put those articles
in your site, getting 15-20 is easy.

>> Before you submit your site for approval, post at some forums with your website’s
link in the signature file – this will help you get some immediate traffic.

>> Make a very simple website with 15-20 articles, a contact us page, a privacy policy
and the typical disclaimer.

That’s it – you’re ready to get approved for Google Adsense. I know I made it sound too
easy, but honestly, we have a track record that proves it. And remember, if you do not
get approved, you can always fix things and try again.
So, stop waiting – apply now – Google Adsense is a great source of income.

About the Author

This article is written by Anik Singal, founder of Anik
Singal has developed his own affiliate system that helped him earn well over
$10,000 in just 60 days. Now, he's looking for a few students to train one step at a


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