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Can You Turn Your Art or Craft Into a Business?

What kinds of things do you for enjoyment? Do you paint on canvas? Do you paint on furniture? Do you knit, carve, make scrapbooks or jewelry, or make any other creative item? Any kind of craft or art can become a business. Turning your craft into a business can make it affordable to do more of what you enjoy. It can make your materials more affordable. You may have also been needing or wanting to earn more cash. Sometimes these side businesses become very profitable over time. You might have the option to quit your job one day and do your craft full time.

To explore this idea of having your own craft business, list the things you can make on the left hand side of a piece of paper. In a middle column beside each craft or item, put 1 - 5 stars to represent any positive response you have received for them, or a question mark if you don’t know what people think of it. Which items received a positive or enthusiastic response? Could any of those items be sold for profit? In a third column put a number of dollar signs that you would guess is the potential for profit. Even though an item is admired, it may take too much time to make or cost too much in materials to make it profitable. This is just a preliminary assessment based on what you know or can guess now. You can test your items in detail later.

There are many ways to market your crafts. Some people sell them to friends and co-workers. Some crafts, like painting murals, might be done when someone asks you to do it for them. But many crafts today are sold in galleries, at art shows, and online.

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