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Adsense Authors: Who Are These People?

Adsense is a program designed by Google to help publishers monetize their
websites using high contextually-accurate ads. Adwords is the other side of the
coin which allows any person to create an account with Google and bid on
keywords or key phrases to have their ads appear in either the search results ad
placements, or in content sites that display Adsense ads.
Over the past few months I’ve identified a group of authors, writers, and
publishers that I call: “Adsense Authors.”

My definition of an Adsense Author: Any author that uses article marketing
as a strategy to drive traffic to their website in order to drive their adsense ad
revenue sales.

These “Adsense Authors” really understand how to fully leverage article
marketing as a strategy like no other group of authors.

Here are the commonly shared traits of these authors:

1. Their articles are short, between 200-600 words.

2. The quantity of articles they produce are typically from 25-300; around a
tightly focused niche topic.

3. The TITLE of their articles are very keyword rich: the first two, three, or
four words are the most important in rank. You won't find these authors
wasting the first 4 words of their title with non-keyword-rich words (such
as "a" "how to" "top" "the" "of" etc).

4. The BODY of their articles has high keyword density for the terms they
are targeting.

5. The KEYWORDS they use when submitting their articles are intelligently
selected based on the overture or other keyword research tools; they are
not haphazardly selected.

6. They do not load up and bloat the guts of the BODY of their articles with
links back to their sites; they know this slows down the acceptance of
their articles for reprint by other publishers.

7. Their articles are fun, fast, and easy to read. Often they will use bullets,
numbered lists, and quick sub-heads to make the article easy to visually

8. Lastly, their RESOURCE BOX is brief with only one or two links in them:
one link to their full website URL, and one anchored text link to a
keyword of importance to their niche. They know that big, ego driven
resource boxes slow down the viral nature of article marketing strategy.

Conclusion on Adsense Authoring

Adsense Authors have discovered the secrets behind fully unlocking the power of
article marketing to drive enormous storms of organic traffic to their websites.
They accomplish this with dozens to hundreds of tightly-focused niche articles,
all reflecting high keyword value and research intelligence.
You won’t find any 3,000+ word articles or ego driven article content from an
Adsense Author. They have only one purpose in mind: To drive massive
amounts of traffic to their Adsense-based business model using article
marketing as a key strategy.
Even if your goal in life has nothing to do with Adsense, you can definitely learn
from today’s Adsense Authors on how to take Article Marketing to the next level
of possibilities.

About The Author:

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