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5 Ways How I Boosted My Google AdSense Earnings By

Google AdSense is a great way for webmasters to monetize
their websites. While many webmasters are struggling hard
to earn $3 - $10 per day, some 'genius' webmasters have
already enjoyed $30, $100, and even $300 a day from AdSense
ads on their websites. How are these 'genius' webmasters
differ from their counterparts? They think different! They
think out of the box!

Let me share with you some tips which has been responsible
in boosting my AdSense profits by 700%. Here are 5 of them,
and if you follow these steps, I'm sure you'll see a
difference in your AdSense income.

Here are the tips:

1- I concentrate on 1 format of AdSense ad, which is the
Large Rectangle (336x280). This format has been proven to
work with me in resulting high click-through rates (CTR).
Why this format? Because the ads look like normal web
links, and people are trained to click on these types of

2- I create custom palette for my ads. I choose white as
the color for the border and background. This is because,
all of my pages have white background. The idea is to make
the AdSense ads look like they are a part of my web pages.

3- Previously, I put all my AdSense ads at the bottom of my
pages. One day, I moved those ads to the top of the page.
The result surprised me. My earning increased! Since then,
I don't hide my AdSense ads anymore!

4- I maintain some links to other relevant websites, and I
put my AdSense ads at the top of the links, so that my
visitors see them first.

5- I automate the insertion of AdSense code into my
webpages using SSI (server side included). You'll need to
ask your web administrator whether your server supports SSI
or not. Here's how to do it. You just put the AdSense code
in a text file, save it as 'adsense.txt', and upload it to
the root directory of your web server. Next, call the code
on other pages using SSI.

This trick is really a time saver especially for those who
use automatic page generators to generate pages on their

Here's a tool I use to generate thousands of pages on my
website within seconds:

Try these tips today, and I guarantee your AdSense earnings
will improve. For more tips, you can visit my site at:

About the Author
Mohd Fairuz maintains a website called AdSense Insider
Secrets. On his site, he shares with his visitors free tips,
secrets & strategies how he managed to boost his Google
AdSense earnings by 700%. Go to his website, and get the
tips, free of charge at:


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